Christoph Manuel Müller is a German artist and photographer. Born in Stuttgart, he attended an art-oriented school where even as a youngster he received practical training in a variety of artistic techniques.

He later worked as an assistant to distinguished photographers in Rome, Paris and Berlin.

Inspired by travels through a wide range of countries over several continents- Europe, including Russia, Asia, Latin America, the U S A –

Christoph Müller has photographed people in their personal environments, often in their own homes.

He seeks to identify the appropriate environment for each individual.

He endeavours to capture their inwardness, their shifting moods and desires, as well

as their relationship to the day-to-day environments in which they have their being.

His photographs seek to work as mediators, allowing those who see them to travel

between imagination and memory, calling for direct and personal engagement

between viewer and image. Portraying tensions between abstraction and reality,

both in overall design and in their details these images create a nostalgic

impression of a surreal world in which disorder is subsumed in ambiguity

and beauty emerges from darkness.

Christopher Müller’s photographs are not retouched. He seeks to bring together all the conditions

that will enable him to create the effects he desires at the moment of

capturing each image.